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China Textile City: Traditional marketing is booming, creative fabrics are still trading well
Release Date: [2018/11/30] Read [524] times

Recently, there are still more samples of counterpart fabrics in the traditional market of China Textile City, and the sales of counterpart creative pattern fabrics are still smooth. Some counterpart creative fabrics were newly launched, and the orders from counterpart customers were still smooth. Some front-end and back-end factory cloth companies and industrial and trade integrated professional large-scale business major winter counterpart creative fabric batch orders were relatively enthusiastic. The sales of counterpart fabrics continued to be smooth, and some front-end and back-end fabric companies and industrial and trade integrated professional large-scale business operators have increased their R & D efforts on counterpart fabrics, and some orders have increased. However, some small and medium-sized business households have been pushed forward due to the tightness of the capital chain and the delivery of credit accounts. The marketing trend of fabrics has been clearly differentiated, and the transactions of many fabrics have been sluggish.


Recently, the traditional marketing of China Textile City has been weak and flourishing. The listing of varieties of linen-like fabrics with polyester filament as the main raw material has increased, and the number of spot listings is still relatively large. It has both, and some large-scale operating outlets have continued to accept orders for their counterparts, and the daily turnover has been volatile and has increased by a certain extent compared with the previous period.


In the recent market, relatively large number of varieties of linen-like fabrics made of polyester filaments are used in winter pants fabrics. Polyester wool-like silks have a relatively large number of partial transactions in linen-like lines, and polyester (POY + DTY) composite silk women's fabrics Sales were relatively active, the sales of counterpart fabrics increased, the interaction between dyeing and printing fabrics, and the marketing advantages of creative color fabrics appeared. Corresponding merchants from all over the country subscribe to the style refurbished linen-like fabrics that tend to diversify fiber and polyester filament as the main raw materials. They also have fashion-oriented new polyester linen fabrics with small batches and multiple varieties. Partial sales are smooth. Favored by customers, the large-value-added fabric products still have a boost.


Recently, in the traditional market of China Textile City, the sales of spray-woven and woven hemp fabrics based on polyester FDY, DTY, (POY + DTY) composite yarns have shown a volatile upward trend, which is still increasing compared with the previous period. Due to the intermittent transactions of some small and medium-sized business households, the market sales partially appeared insufficient, but the overall market transaction volume showed a certain upward trend compared with the previous period. Due to the large number of batches of transactions in some large-scale operating stores, the overall market transaction volume has increased compared with the previous period.


Recently, most of the domestic market in China textile city's traditional market with polyester filament as the main raw material has continued to show a smooth domestic demand. Most of the traditional market's polyester imitation hemp fabrics have been driven by domestic demand to support local sales.


Recently, some fabrics in the textile market of China Textile City with relatively reliable quality, such as steamed and calendered diversified fiber-like woolen suit fabrics, have been favored by counterparty customers in the secondary market and buyers of clothing manufacturers. Deals were still active in the past few days.


In the past few days, spray-woven and woven diversified fiber-like wool suit suit fabrics, trousers fabrics, and jacket fabrics have been listed on a large scale due to the spot market. The sales of large-scale, large-scale business stores are still relatively continuous, but sales of some small businesses It is still relatively inadequate, and the overall market sales show a volatile pattern. The sales of diversified fiber-like wool-like fabrics in winter thickened fabrics are relatively inadequate, but the spot transactions and order sending of some large-scale business stores are still relatively smooth; the spring fabrics have already made their debut, and they have received batch test orders from counterpart customers.


Due to the lower prices of T / R65 / 35 yarn-like wool-like fabrics for diversified fiber-like wool, local spot transactions and order sending were relatively active. Diversified fiber conventional tribute brocade, single-sided serge, double-sided serge, toothpick serge, satin back serge and cotton-inlaid sliver, silk sliver, hidden strip, hidden grid leisure faux fur are all finished by steaming and calendering. It feels more fluffy and softer than other fabrics, so it has attracted the attention of counterparts.


Until now, the series of diversified fiber winter and spring wool-like fabrics have been actively trading for several days, and the marketing network advantage of large-scale large customers and old customers has been fully reflected. From the perspective of the overall market, the diversified fiber-like wool suit fabrics are currently relatively inadequate for small and medium-sized stores operating winter products. However, buyers of counterpart garment factories in various places and secondary market distributors favor the diversified fiber-like wool used in more reliable winter and spring seasons. Some large-scale charter charters and cylinders have large transaction volumes, and domestic demand marketing is relatively smooth. . This series of diversified fiber-like wool clothing manufacturers in various regions mainly produce suits, trousers and jackets for the winter and spring season. Some of the spring orders are also available in small batches for the counterpart garment factories. The demand for fabrics for men's and women's trousers is particularly active. , Day-to-day marketing is still relatively smooth.

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