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Textile boss fears workers will "never return" and started a series of "preventive measures" early
Release date: [2019/12/26] read [18] times

As the saying goes, "After the winter solstice is the year." When the winter solstice arrives, the pace of the Spring Festival is getting closer.

This year's textile companies have also released their holiday time, which is probably set at the end of December to mid-January. In fact, for the cloth owner, it is very worrying at this time of the year. This year, the textile market is not good. I am afraid that many workers will "gone forever" during the spring break. To this end, the textile boss started a series of "preventive measures" as early as mid-December.

Whether it's reimbursing employees for travel expenses or reporting on time next year for rewards, it's all about retaining workers. Workers in the textile industry are highly mobile. This is a problem that many bosses who run factories often have headaches. When there are more orders, workers will often come in. Once the orders are small, or even not done, the workers often leave. Customers also ask about the size and number of workers when choosing a factory. This is also closely related to whether the factory can receive orders.

Monthly salary over 10,000, technical jobs are still left in front of the door!

What a fascinating monthly salary over 10,000! However, this is not the case in the textile mill. Even if the monthly salary of the security workers exceeds 10,000, they still cannot recruit people!

Xiaobian interviewed Director Liu of a textile factory with curiosity. Director Liu said that he had been working in this factory for more than 20 years. He started with the security workers at the beginning. "People of our time didn't want so much. As long as I can make money, no matter how dirty or tired, I will do it. If the machine is broken in the middle of the night, I will come over as soon as possible. "Due to the long working life, Liu's current salary is more than 100,000 yuan a year, close to 200,000. Workers' wages are based on years of work. After working long and having experience, coupled with good work, the boss will naturally process capital every year. "But the young people are not the same now. Young people who enter the factory rarely have long-term jobs, so I said that my son came to the factory to follow me after he finished his job. Later, he couldn't stand the long working hours and the environment. Poor, the colleagues around are also old guys, there are no common topics and other reasons, and left after six months. "

From the perspective of job seekers, Xiaobian is a post-90s, but in fact can understand why the technical work of textile mills is considered to be highly paid, but it still does not attract young people. There are no other reasons, mainly due to the poor working environment and long time. Today's young people are generally not educated, so naturally they are unwilling to do this job without academic qualifications. Compared to front-line technical workers, they are more willing to work as clerks in the office, such as documentary, order management, salesman, etc. . Even if wages are not as high as those of skilled workers, they are better at working in a better environment and free working hours.

Recruitment intensified in other places, and more workers return home to find employment

In Shengze, Pingwang and other textile towns, a large proportion of textile workers are migrant workers. In recent years, due to the transfer of water jet loom to the central region, many migrant workers can find counterpart jobs in their hometowns, and the wages of their hometowns are not much different from Shengze and Pingwang. They naturally chose to stay and work in their hometown.

So how can we retain workers?

If you want to retain workers, you must consider them from the perspective of workers. First of all, the reasons for employees leaving are nothing more than high work pressure, long working hours, and poor working environment; salary and benefits are not up to standard, and leave and other internal management problem.

From a management perspective, the working time can be relatively reduced to meet the 8-hour work requirement. In order to meet the needs of the construction period, a two-shift work system or a three-shift work system can be adopted. Second, increase employee compensation so that employees have a proper return on their labor. Pay five insurances and one fund for employees. Textile factories use water and air conditioning in summer. Furthermore, give a small gift during the New Year and employees' birthdays; before returning from the Spring Festival holiday, you must tell employees in advance that next year's salary increase, even if it is 100, employees are happy; pay on time and so on. Only when employees feel a sense of belonging can the company be able to retain workers and talents and inject fresh power into the company.

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